Level 3 First Aid at Work Course (3 Days)

This HSE compliant First Aid at Work course is suitable for higher risk businesses, businesses with more than 50 people or where an employer’s assessment of ‘First Aid Needs’ identifies that a qualified First Aider is necessary.

This course can be adapted to suit a particular workplace, for example, clerical or engineering staff. The duration of the First Aid at Work course is 18 hours and includes both theory and practical sessions.

The First Aid at Work syllabus Includes:

  • First Aid Priorities
  • Managing Incidents
  • Basic Life Support
  • Examination of a Casualty
  • Unconsciousness
  • Control of Bleeding
  • Fractures
  • Burns and Scalds
  • Common Illnesses
  • Heart Attacks
  • Eye Injuries
  • Dressings
  • Recording and Reporting
  • Regulations
  • First Aid Kit

Students are independently examined on the final day of the course. Upon successful completion certification is valid for three years*.

*Under the current guidelines it is “strongly recommended” that first aid trained staff attend a half-day update every twelve months – before completing full re-qualification training at the three year point.